Flexure Engineering provides the aerospace, defense and scientific communities
with the unique engineering services and testing products required to produce
one of a kind, first of a kind, and best of kind instrumentation.



As the world’s greatest scientists and visionaries push the envelope of what’s possible, the capability to engineer and accurately test potential solutions becomes the bottleneck to realizing an innovation.

Successful testing walks the fine line between budget and schedule to produce results that take projects to the next level. The mechanism used to navigate that line is defining the proper requirements for test configuration.

Are these questions keeping you up at night?


  • Did you define the right requirements?
  • Are you going to have to run this test again?

Flexure partners with companies that are addressing the challenges created by the commercialization of deep water, the moon and space, and the growing need for clean, efficient energy.

Together we build and test one of a kind, first of a kind, best of kind products and instrumentation.

Flexure Engineering creates technologies that enable our partners to develop and commercialize revolutionary solutions for the most challenging environments in our universe.